When your life is like a storm

There have been many storms in my life. These “storms” are the struggles I have faced. Sometimes the struggles were like hurricanes; other times the struggles were as manageable as a thunderstorm. Then there was the time when I almost drowned in the storm. What I learned is that if you can find the strength to hold on there will be sunshine. And think of all the wonderful opportunities and people I would’ve missed if I had drowned in that one storm. Always hold on. Keep fighting. Sometimes you have to hunker down instead of pushing forward, but always hold on. The storm comes in the form of emotional hardships like sadness and anxiety. The storm comes in the form of physical hardships like financial deficits and physical ailments. The storm comes in the form of broken relationships and missed opportunities. All the storms create disappointment and a sense of failure, but that’s OK because all people fail and all people succeed by degrees every day. And as sure as you find yourself in ruin, if you don’t give up you will rebuild and regain what you lost maybe not exactly the same way and sometimes in better ways. Weather the storm and look forward to the sunshine! As long as you have a breath in your body there’s something good to look forward to.

Published by analyticalperspective

Heather Blackwell is a CBT-certified mental health coach and Psychology subject matter expert (SME), dedicated to bringing Psychology insights to the self-help community. She studied two masters degrees in the areas of Forensic Psychology and MFT, and has 15+ years’ experience in behavioral analysis under her skill belt. Her discussion topics include, but are not inclusive to, dating experiences, interpersonal relationships, maladaptive behavioral development, self-identity development, self-help, holistic mind-body health, and nutrition as it applies to mental wellness.

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