The Reason to be Strong

Humanity is intertwined. Humans need humans. People say, “I don’t need anyone”, but what they mean is “I don’t want to need anyone because the disappointment of rejection/failed expectations hurts.”

I get that; I was there once, too. Given my childhood experiences, I have a natural tendency to fall into that pit of insecure attachment.

However, I know it is a fact that:

1. People need people.

2. All people are disappointing (even me) at some point in time.

3. All people are not disappointing all the time.

4. There is someone for everyone to care for and about (whether that is platonic or romantic).

5. Each person will be helpful to someone at some point in time.

What these facts say to me is “You are required to live your lifetime.”

Sometimes – and often – to live is to struggle. When struggle begins is when you need to remember the aforementioned truths. Pull these truths out. Meditate on them as a way to get centered.

Be strong, because as long as there is a breathe in your body there is somebody along your timeline who will be inspired by you…maybe you will inspire courage/hope/patience/gratitude/perseverance/compassion/understanding/duty/long suffering/focus/self-reflection/redirection…the list of inspiration is infinite.

So be strong.

Published by analyticalperspective

Heather Blackwell is a CBT-certified mental health coach and Psychology subject matter expert (SME), dedicated to bringing Psychology insights to the self-help community. She studied two masters degrees in the areas of Forensic Psychology and MFT, and has 15+ years’ experience in behavioral analysis under her skill belt. Her discussion topics include, but are not inclusive to, dating experiences, interpersonal relationships, maladaptive behavioral development, self-identity development, self-help, holistic mind-body health, and nutrition as it applies to mental wellness.

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