What Can You Withstand?

“I Can’t Stand It!” are the four words that are deadly, yes, deadly…deadly to your success and happiness.

Why is this?

In order to succeed, we must struggle. Struggle is painful. Pain can be difficult to endure but it is not debilitating.

What is debilitating?

The four words “I Can’t Stand This” are debilitating and they will extinguish the quality of your life, because if you give up you won’t get better or stronger.

Short Story Example: Mary was 9-months-pregnant and going into labor at the hospital. She was 2 centimeters dilated and she needed to be 9 centimeters dilated in order to push out her child. However, the pain was so great that she curled her body into fetal position with her legs tightly closed. The nurse said, “Mary, if you don’t sit up and open your legs I’m going to send you home because you are not allowing yourself to dilate.” Mary sat up in lotus position, feet pads touching, legs spread wide apart. The pain was intense, but she remembered her breathing techniques which allowed her to focus through the pain. Her body dilated faster. She was not sent home. She birthed a child.

Mary “thought” that she could not stand the pain, but with a little realistic encouragement Mary adjusted her thoughts to match the reality, which allowed her to focus, endure, and reach her goal.

Be like Mary.

Fix. Focus. Endure. Achieve.

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Published by analyticalperspective

Heather Blackwell is a CBT-certified mental health coach and Psychology subject matter expert (SME), dedicated to bringing Psychology insights to the self-help community. She studied two masters degrees in the areas of Forensic Psychology and MFT, and has 15+ years’ experience in behavioral analysis under her skill belt. Her discussion topics include, but are not inclusive to, dating experiences, interpersonal relationships, maladaptive behavioral development, self-identity development, self-help, holistic mind-body health, and nutrition as it applies to mental wellness.

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