How To Cleanse Your Gall Bladder At-Home

Two people in my immediate family had their gall bladder removed due to disease created by a high-fat diet, and I don’t want that to happen to me.

I don’t eat a high-fat diet, but even so, after 40+ years, I had symptoms for gall bladder stones. My symptoms were pressure and a dull heat under my right rib cage and cystic acne along my jawline near my lymph nodes.

The reason I had irritation under my rib cage is because about 10 minutes after I ate a fatty meal (e.g. avocado, cheese), my digestive hormone called ‘Cholecystokinin” or CCK tells my gallbladder to secret bile, which is needed to emulsify the fat in my meal, so my body can absorb it. But…after 40 years of consuming food tiny bits of calcium, bilirubin (dead red blood cells), and cholesterol had smooshed together to create gallbladder stones, which would block the bile from leaving my gall bladder and this blockage created inflammation when the bile would spill into my blood stream and back up to my liver. My recent consumption of goat cheese and avocados was exacerbating the situation despite my regular consumption of milk thistle and dandelion juice.

I began researching how to naturally heal my gall bladder, which is how I found Kelsey at Green Willow Homestead who describes her personal experience using a gall bladder cleanse. I admit, I was skeptical, but after reading several bureaucratic medical websites (e.g. webmd, healthline) which all state that gall bladders cleanses do not work, I decided to try Kelsey’s practice.

Kelsey’s way worked for me!

I deposited approximately 150 gall bladder stones into my toilet (some stones were the size of green peas!) and now I feel no more pain in my right abdominal area.

Here is a video recounting my experience to include a picture of my gallstones. Check out Kelsey’s website for parasite cleanse and gall bladder cleanse options!

Thank you for visiting. 😁

Published by analyticalperspective

Heather Blackwell is a CBT-certified mental health coach and Psychology subject matter expert (SME), dedicated to bringing Psychology insights to the self-help community. She studied two masters degrees in the areas of Forensic Psychology and MFT, and has 15+ years’ experience in behavioral analysis under her skill belt. Her discussion topics include, but are not inclusive to, dating experiences, interpersonal relationships, maladaptive behavioral development, self-identity development, self-help, holistic mind-body health, and nutrition as it applies to mental wellness.

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