Is Your Apartment WIFI Killing You Slowly?

I recently had a miserable three weeks while living in an apartment in May 2022.
From the first day, I experienced chronic headaches, thyroid burning, nausea, dizziness, the HARSHEST fatigue, and insomnia.
I was going to bed at 11:00 p.m. each night and literally waking up around 2:00 a.m. And in all my life, no matter what I was going through, I have ALWAYS slept like a baby, but not in that apartment. The last 1.5 weeks of my stay I slept in a sleeping bag on the apartment balcony, except for one night the neighbor below me was smoking marijuana, so then I slept in my car.
The insomnia alone was enough to force-move me out of the apartment. I can sleep in 90 degree temperatures and I can sleep in 7 degree temperatures, but I could not sleep in that apartment.

Also, I don’t get headaches, but from Day #1 in that apartment I had chronic headaches. And the thyroid burning in my throat was chronic. I attempted to attenuate the EMR by wearing a lead neck brace around the dwelling, but that actually amplified the thyroid burning.
From Day #1 of that apartment living, I would spend every other hour on the balcony, but by week 1.5 I was living on the balcony full-time until the day I moved out.
I don’t know if I received more EMR due to my apartment location? Which was right in the middle from left to right and top to bottom?

I do know that the apartment owners have trained their staff to lie about the apartment condition, because they refused to let me see the apartment until my move-in day and they lied about EMR not being a problem…or maybe they were honest about it not being their concern because they are not concerned about the welfare of the humans from whom they receive exorbitant rent payments?
Also, the apartment smelled toxic and there was a sooty detritus left from where they used an ozone-machine (probably to try and clean the bad smell) that caused me an immediate, convulsive respiratory arrest.

Story Moral? Beware of Apartment Living in the age of WIFI and hold your apartment owners accountable.

Published by analyticalperspective

Heather Blackwell is a CBT-certified mental health coach and Psychology subject matter expert (SME), dedicated to bringing Psychology insights to the self-help community. She studied two masters degrees in the areas of Forensic Psychology and MFT, and has 15+ years’ experience in behavioral analysis under her skill belt. Her discussion topics include, but are not inclusive to, dating experiences, interpersonal relationships, maladaptive behavioral development, self-identity development, self-help, holistic mind-body health, and nutrition as it applies to mental wellness.

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