Practical Happy Living Tip That Most People Miss

Choice to Love

On the ride home I was thinking about my Great-Grandma Lorene. I think about her often. Lorene was born in 1901 and she died in 2000. I wish she could have lived forever. She was a quiet, Scotch-Irish woman, 4’10” with a tuft of snow white hair. She could touch her toes and swim threeContinue reading “Choice to Love”

What Can You Withstand?

“I Can’t Stand It!” are the four words that are deadly, yes, deadly…deadly to your success and happiness. Why is this? In order to succeed, we must struggle. Struggle is painful. Pain can be difficult to endure but it is not debilitating. What is debilitating? The four words “I Can’t Stand This” are debilitating andContinue reading “What Can You Withstand?”

Do You Approve?

To recap from the video, our society is conditioned to be approval-seeking, because all humans have a survival instinct to desire belonging. From birth, parents condition children to be approval-seeking through operant conditioning and rewards versus punishment. In addition, children have a natural survival animal instinct to belong. To feel safe, protected, and wanted, aContinue reading “Do You Approve?”

The Reason to be Strong

Humanity is intertwined. Humans need humans. People say, “I don’t need anyone”, but what they mean is “I don’t want to need anyone because the disappointment of rejection/failed expectations hurts.” I get that; I was there once, too. Given my childhood experiences, I have a natural tendency to fall into that pit of insecure attachment.Continue reading “The Reason to be Strong”

The Origin of Your Discontent

Have you ever known someone who was discontent? Have you ever β€” at some point β€” felt discontent? Have you ever stopped to consider where the discontent originated? Most people when discontent point the finger outward. πŸ‘‰πŸΌ However, most often we should be pointing the finger at ourselves. The object of the lesson is notContinue reading “The Origin of Your Discontent”

How Are Anger and Hurt Connected?

Anytime you are angry, you are also emotionally hurt. Anger is the top layer of emotion that buries the emotional hurt. It’s easier to be angry, because then we don’t have to admit our hurt. Oftentimes, we deny that we are hurting, because to admit hurt is to admit vulnerability. Admitting vulnerability to others canContinue reading “How Are Anger and Hurt Connected?”

Beware the Dreaded Mental Filter

For a clear example, click the video link here. How can we be aware of mental filters in relationships? 1. If you’re in the beginning of relationship (e.g. romantic, platonic, workplace), get to know your partner’s personality type. Be honest about each other’s strengths/weaknesses. Discuss how your strengths/weaknesses have affected your past relationships. 2. Don’tContinue reading “Beware the Dreaded Mental Filter”

When your life is like a storm

There have been many storms in my life. These “storms” are the struggles I have faced. Sometimes the struggles were like hurricanes; other times the struggles were as manageable as a thunderstorm. Then there was the time when I almost drowned in the storm. What I learned is that if you can find the strengthContinue reading “When your life is like a storm”

What I Think About Life On My 39th Birthday!

Hey Fellow Bloggers, What I talk about in my video is how I have learned to cope with life and how I have learned to love my life so that I don’t have to cope most of the time. What I realize is that in this one life that we have to live what isContinue reading “What I Think About Life On My 39th Birthday!”