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Who goes on a Thousand First Dates? Click here to 🎧 !
Heather discusses how listeners can resolve past traumatic events in order to have successful, positive relationships. Topics discussed are therapeutic healing techniques to resolve emotional trauma and toxic behaviors to look out for. Click here to 🎧.
Heather discusses her dating experiences with men who possess poor character and malfunctioning penises. Click here to 🎧!
Heather describes her dating experience with a man challenged with identity diffusion. Heather also discusses alcoholism, substance abuse, and codependency. Click here to 🎧!
Heather and Jeff discuss empowerment techniques designed to create unconditional acceptance using CBT. To enlist Jeff’s counseling services for adolescents or parent-training, Jeff Meltzer can be contacted at drquintal.com Click here to 🎧!
Heather discusses a.) how childhood abuse created psychological obstacles that impacted her ability to achieve success as an adult b.) how to remove those obstacles by reparenting with the goal of creating a cohesive self-identity. Click here to 🎧!
Heather discusses personality and maladaptive behavior conflict awareness for first or new-date scenarios. Click here to 🎧!
Krystal and Heather discuss dating disasters related to narcissism, codependency, and what they learned in terms of self-worth and self-love. Click here to 🎧!
Heather discusses her first dating encounter after a two-year hiatus from dating. Key points of this segment are narcissistic behavioral red flags, progression from codependent to independent, and do/don’t dating behaviors. Click here to 🎧!
Natasha‘s easy-to-digest chapters are part-memoir and part-guide for how to navigate life. From career, to money, to relationships, to mental health, to life struggles… You name it, Natasha addresses it, with wit and wisdom. Click here to 🎧!
Heather discusses how her childhood environment — wrought with abuse — nurtured the evil seed to which all humans are born, and how she painstakingly worked to repair the inflicted damage in order to create a healthy, cohesive, humanitarian self-identity in a 10 year long self-help journey. Click here to 🎧!
Find out how James and Heather overcame self-identity challenges, discover his “Go-To” self-help book selections. Click here to 🎧!
Heather discusses a term — first identified by Eric Berne — called “Ego States”. Eric Berne wrote a book called “Games People Play.” Heather discusses how ego states affect your personality, your independence, and your relationships. Heather discusses how you can use ego states to develop your self-identity, your self-confidence, your inner peace, and your leadership ability. Click here to 🎧!
Heather and guest-host, Jeff Meltzer, discuss the origin of and distinction between personality disorders, as well as the idea of codependency. Click here to 🎧!
Heather defines ‘roadmap’ and applies the concept as a personal success strategy for psychology-based healing. Heather also explains ‘roadmap’ in terms of her own journey. Click here to 🎧!
Heather discusses the definition and origin of Psychological Trauma-related Hypervigilance PTrH (a key factor in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)), emotions related to PTrH, behaviors related to PTrH, and therapeutic PTrH-reduction techniques. Click here to 🎧!
Heather explores the ideas of psychological brokenness, the effects of child abuse and cortisol on the brain and body, behavioral modification, and factors for psychological healing. Click here to 🎧!
Heather discusses the main reasons humans feel compelled to engage in intimate partnerships, reasons to be happy as a ‘single’, and the MBTI personality types that are most likely to stay married til death do us part. Click here to 🎧!
Dai Manuel guest-hosts with Heather Blackwell to discuss the topic of ‘vulnerability’ as it relates to strength of character, interdependence, a cohesive self-identity, and a productive/holistically-rewarding life experience. To learn more about Dai Manuel’s Men’s Empowerment group, contact Dai at https://www.daimanuel.com/ Click here to 🎧!
Heather discusses how people who desire positive life change can overcome common obstacles related to fear, anxiety, and alienation as it relates to change. Heather also discusses how to choose the right mental health counselor fit for you. Click here to 🎧!
Guest-host, Michal Lehman, and me, Heather Blackwell, discuss a.) why people feel pressured to get married b.) the benefits of single life c.) what it means to “self-date“. If you would like to join the conversation, check out Michal’s IG @mblwrites Click here to 🎧!
Heather describes the narcissistic boyfriend who changed her perspective on dating from naïveté to discernment. Click here to 🎧!
UPDATE: It is also important to take responsibility for your emotions…I forgot to mention that in the podcast.
Heather discusses what it means to have a boundary, the two main types of boundaries, how boundaries are violated, and how to establish healthy boundaries. Click here to 🎧!
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