Bye, Bye Anxiety

Does anxiety control you? Are you stuck living with anxiety? Do you tell yourself “there is no way out“? Well, there is a way out. Anxiety is a vicious friend, but a friend nonetheless. Anxiety tells you when you need to make a life change. Anxiety is the emotion that tells you that something isContinue reading “Bye, Bye Anxiety”

Mental Health: What is Your Status?

The picture above is me when I was 21 and now when I’m 43. A lot has happened since then. Mental health is important to harness. Mental unhealth is a struggle and a reality. Becoming mentally healthy is a choice; this is also a reality. Mental health can be obtained via self-education/self-help/lifestyle changes…very rarely isContinue reading “Mental Health: What is Your Status?”

New Podcast Episode!

Have you ever wondered what it means to have a personality disorder? Are you familiar with the term ‘codependency’? Join Jeff and me as we have a candid conversation about personality disorders, personality traits, codependency, and specific healing techniques for…all of the above. This episode is jam-packed with therapeutic information sure to help heal anyContinue reading “New Podcast Episode!”

Multiple Personalities: How Many Do You Have?

Heather discusses a term — first identified by Eric Berne — called “Ego States”. Eric Berne wrote a book called “Games People Play.” Heather discusses how ego states affect your personality, your independence, and your relationships. Heather discusses how you can use ego states to develop your self-identity, your self-confidence, your inner peace, and yourContinue reading “Multiple Personalities: How Many Do You Have?”

The Dark Side of Me: From Human to Psychopath and Back

In conclusion, evil is a constant within us all, just as good is a constant within us all. The amount of exposure to evil determines the degree to which we feel comfortable acting upon evil. Being evil is a choice. Evil compulsions can be suppressed. That suppression is a choice. Also, evil compulsions can beContinue reading “The Dark Side of Me: From Human to Psychopath and Back”

Dating Disasters with Guest Host, Krystal Centinello

Heather and Crystal discuss their daily disasters with narcissistic and sociopathic men. They also discuss codependency, psychological healing, self-love, and self-worth. Audio clip, Episode 8, Dating Disasters

Thousand First Dates: the origin

For some, meeting 1000 people for a first date is extreme. Well, I’ve dated close to 2000 men from 2007 to present. How did I do that? Sometimes I went on 2-3 dates per day. I definitely dated multiple times per week. Now for some of the men who are listening (and possibly some ofContinue reading “Thousand First Dates: the origin”

From Fearful to Fearless: a learned behavior

In order to truly be free from social restrictions, you have to step outside your comfort zone. You must face your fears. Two ways that I have faced my fear of social rejection is by using two techniques called: • Fear-attacking • Shame-attacking (Albert Ellis, 1955) Attacking Fear Jumping off a cliff I didn’t knowContinue reading “From Fearful to Fearless: a learned behavior”

Facing Giants

Original post dated 2013 by Analytical Perspective (aka Me) Throughout the morning as Mary ran errands at the clinic, she’d noticed a lone boy standing in the hall. She noticed he’d been standing in various parts of the halls all morning. Knowing the nature and experience of this person, Mary knew that his standing inContinue reading “Facing Giants”