Choice to Love

On the ride home I was thinking about my Great-Grandma Lorene. I think about her often. Lorene was born in 1901 and she died in 2000. I wish she could have lived forever. She was a quiet, Scotch-Irish woman, 4’10” with a tuft of snow white hair. She could touch her toes and swim threeContinue reading “Choice to Love”

Beware Narcissistic Charm

Vignette Throughout the years, Kelli has had a turbulent relationship with her step-mother who makes fun of Kelli’s appearance, does not allow Kelli to eat with the family, belittles Kelli as well as Kelli’s little sister, and if Kelli defends herself or her sister, then Kelli is grounded for months at a time. To punishContinue reading “Beware Narcissistic Charm”