Mental Health: What is Your Status?

The picture above is me when I was 21 and now when I’m 43. A lot has happened since then. Mental health is important to harness. Mental unhealth is a struggle and a reality. Becoming mentally healthy is a choice; this is also a reality. Mental health can be obtained via self-education/self-help/lifestyle changes…very rarely isContinue reading “Mental Health: What is Your Status?”

After Marriage, Comes What??

Marriage — a waitress and two bottles of ketchup Commitment — the ideal, mutually felt, and long-lasting agreement. — Heather Blackwell Is it easy to add quality, committed people to your inner circle? No. Do most people respect the people within their ‘inner circle’? Hmm…let’s consider. Besides our children, it is the ‘significant other’ thatContinue reading “After Marriage, Comes What??”

Dear Mental Health Counselors, Have You Mastered the Art of…Being You?

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.” Lao Tzu Analogy: Imagine that you are an aspiring plumber. You have fixed leaks in your own bathroom faucet by watching YouTube videos. You say to yourself, “This is easy. I can fix other faucets.” So nowContinue reading “Dear Mental Health Counselors, Have You Mastered the Art of…Being You?”

Facing Giants

Original post dated 2013 by Analytical Perspective (aka Me) Throughout the morning as Mary ran errands at the clinic, she’d noticed a lone boy standing in the hall. She noticed he’d been standing in various parts of the halls all morning. Knowing the nature and experience of this person, Mary knew that his standing inContinue reading “Facing Giants”

Do You Have A Choice?

The Year is 2006 Janie sat with her counselor feeling frustrated. “I lost my job.” She had replayed the scenario in her mind multiple times and she had found no way out. It seemed Janie had no choice … … The day before Janie’s meeting with the counselor, Janie was checking her work schedule. The human resources person had numerous employees, so Janie didContinue reading “Do You Have A Choice?”