What are Healthy Boundaries and Do You Have Them?

UPDATE: It is also important to take responsibility for your emotions…I forgot to mention that in the podcast. Heather discusses what it means to have a boundary, the two main types of boundaries, how boundaries are violated, and how to establish healthy boundaries. Click here to 🎧.

New Podcast Episode!

Have you ever wondered what it means to have a personality disorder? Are you familiar with the term ‘codependency’? Join Jeff and me as we have a candid conversation about personality disorders, personality traits, codependency, and specific healing techniques for…all of the above. This episode is jam-packed with therapeutic information sure to help heal anyContinue reading “New Podcast Episode!”

After Marriage, Comes What??

Marriage — a waitress and two bottles of ketchup Commitment — the ideal, mutually felt, and long-lasting agreement. — Heather Blackwell Is it easy to add quality, committed people to your inner circle? No. Do most people respect the people within their ‘inner circle’? Hmm…let’s consider. Besides our children, it is the ‘significant other’ thatContinue reading “After Marriage, Comes What??”

Dating Disasters with Guest Host, Krystal Centinello

Heather and Crystal discuss their daily disasters with narcissistic and sociopathic men. They also discuss codependency, psychological healing, self-love, and self-worth. Audio clip, Episode 8, Dating Disasters