Say ‘No’ to Emotional Vampires

What is emotional reactivity? During my childhood, my mother and father were volatile/violent daily. I lived in vigilance/fear, a heightened state of alertness, so that even alone, in my own little world, I was aware that at some point of the day I would be confronted with threat. Then, I had seconds to react toContinue reading “Say ‘No’ to Emotional Vampires”

Choice to Love

On the ride home I was thinking about my Great-Grandma Lorene. I think about her often. Lorene was born in 1901 and she died in 2000. I wish she could have lived forever. She was a quiet, Scotch-Irish woman, 4’10” with a tuft of snow white hair. She could touch her toes and swim threeContinue reading “Choice to Love”

Do You Have A Victim Mentality?

One of the most amazing concepts I have learned is … emotional vs. practical problems. Who knew there was a difference? Practical problem–a situation that makes it difficult to achieve a goal Emotional problem– a reaction to a practical problem EXAMPLES: Practical Problem                         Continue reading “Do You Have A Victim Mentality?”