New Podcast Episode!

Have you ever wondered what it means to have a personality disorder? Are you familiar with the term ‘codependency’? Join Jeff and me as we have a candid conversation about personality disorders, personality traits, codependency, and specific healing techniques for…all of the above. This episode is jam-packed with therapeutic information sure to help heal anyContinue reading “New Podcast Episode!”

After Marriage, Comes What??

Marriage — a waitress and two bottles of ketchup Commitment — the ideal, mutually felt, and long-lasting agreement. — Heather Blackwell Is it easy to add quality, committed people to your inner circle? No. Do most people respect the people within their ‘inner circle’? Hmm…let’s consider. Besides our children, it is the ‘significant other’ thatContinue reading “After Marriage, Comes What??”

Thousand First Dates: the origin

For some, meeting 1000 people for a first date is extreme. Well, I’ve dated close to 2000 men from 2007 to present. How did I do that? Sometimes I went on 2-3 dates per day. I definitely dated multiple times per week. Now for some of the men who are listening (and possibly some ofContinue reading “Thousand First Dates: the origin”

Dating Disasters…AVAILABLE NOW!

Have you ever been on a blind date? Have you ever had a first date where your date was totally obnoxious, rude to the waiter, sexually-harassing, or revealed shocking secrets?.On Wednesday, April 21st, on Thousand First Dates podcast, Heather Blackwell and Krystal Centinello discuss the dirty deeds of dating disasters related to narcissism, codependency, andContinue reading “Dating Disasters…AVAILABLE NOW!”

The Dating Interview

I have lost count the number of times a man has said to me, “What is this? An interview?” 😆 I think those guys have also watched one too many Disney Princess stories. OF COURSE, it’s an interview! Dating is an interview designed to assist two people in assessing if they are compatible enough toContinue reading “The Dating Interview”

Once Upon a Time, There Was a British Guy…

Once upon a time there was a 42-yo woman who dated a 42-yo man. 😀 This guy was from England. He was nothing spectacular…I was trying to downgrade my usually high standards, so Average Joe reaped the benefit of my, um, focus. This guy asked me to be his ‘girlfriend’ on date #3, which shouldContinue reading “Once Upon a Time, There Was a British Guy…”

Don’t Want No Short, Short Man…or Do I?

Okay. For this post, I am going to be talking about stature, penises, and…a surprise topic. I’ll talk about the obvious topics first. Of course, my meme eludes to a song. The song in its X-rated version is talking about dongs, phallis, Peter, cock, prick, d!ck, schlong, Johnson, Willy-wood-member. So…do the ladies like big pickles?Continue reading “Don’t Want No Short, Short Man…or Do I?”