Shit Adults Never Taught Us

I bought my first five copies of Natasha Sattler’s INSIGHTFUL new book, “Shit Adults Never Taught Us.” Natasha‘s easy-to-digest chapters are part-memoir and part-guide for how to navigate life. From career, to money, to relationships, to mental health, to life struggles… You name it, Natasha addresses it, with wit and wisdom. “Shit Adults Never TaughtContinue reading “Shit Adults Never Taught Us”

What I Think About Life On My 39th Birthday!

Hey Fellow Bloggers, What I talk about in my video is how I have learned to cope with life and how I have learned to love my life so that I don’t have to cope most of the time. What I realize is that in this one life that we have to live what isContinue reading “What I Think About Life On My 39th Birthday!”