Polyamory: Is It Villainous or Virtuous?

In Season 2: Episode 3, Heather tells three stories about couples involved in elements of polyamory, and the results.

From Fearful to Fearless: a learned behavior

In order to truly be free from social restrictions, you have to step outside your comfort zone. You must face your fears. Two ways that I have faced my fear of social rejection is by using two techniques called: • Fear-attacking • Shame-attacking (Albert Ellis, 1955) Attacking Fear Jumping off a cliff I didn’t knowContinue reading “From Fearful to Fearless: a learned behavior”

Self-Worth is Like a See-Saw

Self-worth is like a see-saw. Like the see-saw is fixed firmly into the ground, your self-worth is firmly fixed/integrated into your psyche; therefore, you can’t lose it. Like the see-saw can go up and down, your self-worth can go up and down. Unlike the see-saw, which is made to go up and down, it isContinue reading “Self-Worth is Like a See-Saw”

CBT Therapy Podcast with Jeff Meltzer and Heather Blackwell

Join Mental Health Experts, Jeff Meltzer and Heather Blackwell, this Wednesday, April 7, 2021 for Empowerment Hour to discuss the following: 1.) Starting the self-help journey 2.) How to choose a therapist 3.) Benefits of cognitive behavioral therapy 4.) How can a person be unconditionally self-accepting? Once this podcast episode airs, it will be availableContinue reading “CBT Therapy Podcast with Jeff Meltzer and Heather Blackwell”

The Child Who Never Had a Chance

…Grew up, and saved her self. In 2012, my step-mother said to me, “You saved yourself.” That was the first kind, supportive thing I had ever heard her say about me. I guess verbal affirmation was not her love language. So you can imagine that it meant a lot to me, because even as adults,Continue reading “The Child Who Never Had a Chance”

‘SELF-EMPOWERMENT’ Podcast: Join Me to Heal Broken Humanity

Heather Blackwell’s podcast, Thousand First Dates, Chronicles not only her dating experiences, but her psychological progression from an abused, psychologically-broken human being with extreme codependent behaviors to a psychologically-healed human being with autonomous thoughts and behaviors and with the added capability to entertain inter-dependent relationships. Heather Blackwell’s driven life purpose has been to analyze andContinue reading “‘SELF-EMPOWERMENT’ Podcast: Join Me to Heal Broken Humanity”