New Podcast Episode!

Have you ever wondered what it means to have a personality disorder? Are you familiar with the term ‘codependency’? Join Jeff and me as we have a candid conversation about personality disorders, personality traits, codependency, and specific healing techniques for…all of the above. This episode is jam-packed with therapeutic information sure to help heal anyContinue reading “New Podcast Episode!”

Multiple Personalities: How Many Do You Have?

Heather discusses a term — first identified by Eric Berne — called “Ego States”. Eric Berne wrote a book called “Games People Play.” Heather discusses how ego states affect your personality, your independence, and your relationships. Heather discusses how you can use ego states to develop your self-identity, your self-confidence, your inner peace, and yourContinue reading “Multiple Personalities: How Many Do You Have?”

The Dark Side of Me: From Human to Psychopath and Back

In conclusion, evil is a constant within us all, just as good is a constant within us all. The amount of exposure to evil determines the degree to which we feel comfortable acting upon evil. Being evil is a choice. Evil compulsions can be suppressed. That suppression is a choice. Also, evil compulsions can beContinue reading “The Dark Side of Me: From Human to Psychopath and Back”

Dating Disasters with Guest Host, Krystal Centinello

Heather and Crystal discuss their daily disasters with narcissistic and sociopathic men. They also discuss codependency, psychological healing, self-love, and self-worth. Audio clip, Episode 8, Dating Disasters

Dear Mental Health Counselors, Have You Mastered the Art of…Being You?

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.” Lao Tzu Analogy: Imagine that you are an aspiring plumber. You have fixed leaks in your own bathroom faucet by watching YouTube videos. You say to yourself, “This is easy. I can fix other faucets.” So nowContinue reading “Dear Mental Health Counselors, Have You Mastered the Art of…Being You?”

A Story of Child Abuse and LGTBQ Manipulation

Munchhausen syndrome by Proxy is a serious mental illness that endangers the lives of children. The subject of this particular situation is a mother who encouraged her child to embrace transgenderism. The most likely scenario is that the mother began conditioning her son from birth to believe that he was a girl. The mother mayContinue reading “A Story of Child Abuse and LGTBQ Manipulation”

Shit Adults Never Taught Us

I bought my first five copies of Natasha Sattler’s INSIGHTFUL new book, “Shit Adults Never Taught Us.” Natasha‘s easy-to-digest chapters are part-memoir and part-guide for how to navigate life. From career, to money, to relationships, to mental health, to life struggles… You name it, Natasha addresses it, with wit and wisdom. “Shit Adults Never TaughtContinue reading “Shit Adults Never Taught Us”

The Dating Interview

I have lost count the number of times a man has said to me, “What is this? An interview?” 😆 I think those guys have also watched one too many Disney Princess stories. OF COURSE, it’s an interview! Dating is an interview designed to assist two people in assessing if they are compatible enough toContinue reading “The Dating Interview”

CBT Therapy Podcast with Jeff Meltzer and Heather Blackwell

Join Mental Health Experts, Jeff Meltzer and Heather Blackwell, this Wednesday, April 7, 2021 for Empowerment Hour to discuss the following: 1.) Starting the self-help journey 2.) How to choose a therapist 3.) Benefits of cognitive behavioral therapy 4.) How can a person be unconditionally self-accepting? Once this podcast episode airs, it will be availableContinue reading “CBT Therapy Podcast with Jeff Meltzer and Heather Blackwell”