‘SELF-EMPOWERMENT’ Podcast: Join Me to Heal Broken Humanity

Heather Blackwell’s podcast, Thousand First Dates, Chronicles not only her dating experiences, but her psychological progression from an abused, psychologically-broken human being with extreme codependent behaviors to a psychologically-healed human being with autonomous thoughts and behaviors and with the added capability to entertain inter-dependent relationships. Heather Blackwell’s driven life purpose has been to analyze andContinue reading “‘SELF-EMPOWERMENT’ Podcast: Join Me to Heal Broken Humanity”

Say ‘No’ to Emotional Vampires

What is emotional reactivity? During my childhood, my mother and father were volatile/violent daily. I lived in vigilance/fear, a heightened state of alertness, so that even alone, in my own little world, I was aware that at some point of the day I would be confronted with threat. Then, I had seconds to react toContinue reading “Say ‘No’ to Emotional Vampires”

Meeting the Inbetween

When I was a little girl — about age 4 — I emulated my father, trying to burp, dress, and eat Just. Like. Him. When I was age 7, my role models became police officers…they were men. I also remember thinking at around age 10 that traditional women’s roles like teaching, hair-styling, “secretary” work, andContinue reading “Meeting the Inbetween”

Achieving Inner Peace

To view the video, click here. What is peace? The dictionary has several definitions, which are a.) non-warring condition of a nation b.) an agreement or treaty between warring or antagonistic nations, groups, etc. c.) freedom of the mind from annoyance, distraction, anxiety over an obsession, etc. The type of peace I refer to isContinue reading “Achieving Inner Peace”

How Are Anger and Hurt Connected?

Anytime you are angry, you are also emotionally hurt. Anger is the top layer of emotion that buries the emotional hurt. It’s easier to be angry, because then we don’t have to admit our hurt. Oftentimes, we deny that we are hurting, because to admit hurt is to admit vulnerability. Admitting vulnerability to others canContinue reading “How Are Anger and Hurt Connected?”

Do You Have A Choice?

The Year is 2006 Janie sat with her counselor feeling frustrated. “I lost my job.” She had replayed the scenario in her mind multiple times and she had found no way out. It seemed Janie had no choice … … The day before Janie’s meeting with the counselor, Janie was checking her work schedule. The human resources person had numerous employees, so Janie didContinue reading “Do You Have A Choice?”

Do You Have A Victim Mentality?

One of the most amazing concepts I have learned is … emotional vs. practical problems. Who knew there was a difference? Practical problem–a situation that makes it difficult to achieve a goal Emotional problem– a reaction to a practical problem EXAMPLES: Practical Problem                         Continue reading “Do You Have A Victim Mentality?”