Dating Disasters…AVAILABLE NOW!

Have you ever been on a blind date? Have you ever had a first date where your date was totally obnoxious, rude to the waiter, sexually-harassing, or revealed shocking secrets?.On Wednesday, April 21st, on Thousand First Dates podcast, Heather Blackwell and Krystal Centinello discuss the dirty deeds of dating disasters related to narcissism, codependency, andContinue reading “Dating Disasters…AVAILABLE NOW!”

Beware Narcissistic Charm

Vignette Throughout the years, Kelli has had a turbulent relationship with her step-mother who makes fun of Kelli’s appearance, does not allow Kelli to eat with the family, belittles Kelli as well as Kelli’s little sister, and if Kelli defends herself or her sister, then Kelli is grounded for months at a time. To punishContinue reading “Beware Narcissistic Charm”