Shit Adults Never Taught Us

I bought my first five copies of Natasha Sattler’s INSIGHTFUL new book, “Shit Adults Never Taught Us.” Natasha‘s easy-to-digest chapters are part-memoir and part-guide for how to navigate life. From career, to money, to relationships, to mental health, to life struggles… You name it, Natasha addresses it, with wit and wisdom. “Shit Adults Never TaughtContinue reading “Shit Adults Never Taught Us”

Do You Approve?

To recap from the video, our society is conditioned to be approval-seeking, because all humans have a survival instinct to desire belonging. From birth, parents condition children to be approval-seeking through operant conditioning and rewards versus punishment. In addition, children have a natural survival animal instinct to belong. To feel safe, protected, and wanted, aContinue reading “Do You Approve?”

The Reason to be Strong

Humanity is intertwined. Humans need humans. People say, “I don’t need anyone”, but what they mean is “I don’t want to need anyone because the disappointment of rejection/failed expectations hurts.” I get that; I was there once, too. Given my childhood experiences, I have a natural tendency to fall into that pit of insecure attachment.Continue reading “The Reason to be Strong”