I Know You are Old, but Are You Wise?

According to Webster’s dictionary, experience is “practical contact with and observation of facts or events.” I don’t like that definition. It’s too sterile for me. Each time I think the word “experience” I feel an ephemeral warmth and peace, because to me the word is positive. It is spiritual. It is life-altering. It is caughtContinue reading “I Know You are Old, but Are You Wise?”

The Dating Interview

I have lost count the number of times a man has said to me, “What is this? An interview?” 😆 I think those guys have also watched one too many Disney Princess stories. OF COURSE, it’s an interview! Dating is an interview designed to assist two people in assessing if they are compatible enough toContinue reading “The Dating Interview”

What I Think About Life On My 39th Birthday!

Hey Fellow Bloggers, What I talk about in my video is how I have learned to cope with life and how I have learned to love my life so that I don’t have to cope most of the time. What I realize is that in this one life that we have to live what isContinue reading “What I Think About Life On My 39th Birthday!”